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unisysbannerIn today’s wired world, business, government and healthcare providers employees are accessing sensitive company data around the globe, not only on company devices but personal ones as well. With the advances in mobility networking, organizations must address the changes need to their security requirements and policies to assure protection of company and personnel data from not only internal threats, but the need for advanced capabilities to eliminate data loss risks introduced via remote access to an organizations information depositories.

To date, data security practices by IT organizations has consisted of separate and disparate security solutions for network and remote access. Typically requiring multiply vendor products each with their own physical infrastructure, application, and expertise costs.unisysprob

These costs have left some organizations vulnerable to attack, as the cost vs. risk analysis can leave “holes” in their security under their current practices.

Organizations need a universal and homogenous solution that protects data “inside the network”, as well as remote access connections to eliminate vulnerabilities associated with unauthorized remote access, man-in-the-middle attacks,  malware, compromised security tokens, and inadequate encryption.

Sengex’s IT infrastructure security solutions powered by Unisys StealthTM, changes the security paradigm. Unisys Stealth is a single security technology that increases data protection, simplifies management and reduces reliance on physical infrastructure. Unisys Stealth eliminates the trade-off between cost and risk, because trade-offs are not good enough.

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Unisys StealthTM Solution renders users, data, and infrastructure undetectable to cyber criminals. Built to meet requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense to help secure sensitive information, Unisys Stealth achieved the National Security Agency’s National Information Assurance Partnership Common Criteria EAL-4+ certification, protecting data-in-motion across any network regardless if it is private or public. The good news is that Unisys Stealth Solution is available to everyone, bringing defense grade security to other public sector and commercial enterprises.

The Stealth Solution for Network is a transformational solution that secures data-in-motion and controls the sharing of information within or across networks by employing an innovative cloaking technique – all while vastly simplifying the infrastructure. The Stealth Solution assures security by cryptographically transforming information using a bit-level, data-splitting algorithm that weaves the data into the very fabric of the network.

cloakUnisys StealthTM is a visionary approach to solve today’s security challenges. Security is not about building a fortress; it’s about creating secure communities. Unisys Stealth grants access based on trusted identity, cloaks connections and is designed to obscure end-points to hackers to remove your infrastructure from harm’s way. You can’t hack what you can’t see.

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