Wireless Intrusion Detection


As a part of the policy of most organizations, access control to their facilities by visitors and in some cases employees consists of physical screening by lobby personnel (receptionist or guard) or via electronic access badges.

Control measures may include the collection of laptops as part of IT security practices to ensure that corporate data is not at risk from unauthorized devices accessing the networks.

While this practice was somewhat effective as recently as three years ago, the advancement in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has introduced a new challenge to IT security policies. These new devices are easy to conceal, have the ability to connect to corporate networks, and are able to take pictures, videos, and make sound recordings.

In addition, the increased reliance on these devices by users for both personal and business needs makes the option to confiscate them upon facility entry difficult to enforce. Users will be more reluctant to relinquish control of their phone than their laptop and any attempt to deny having one in their possession will be difficult to enforce due to the individuals need to have access to their device.

The size and networking capabilities of “smart” mobile devices have made these units “hidden visitors” to a corporation. Their ability to access and collect company information without knowledge of their presence by the IT organization adds a new level of complexity for corporations with security practices that require all non-registered as well as authorized devices that are in (or near) their facility be controlled and accounted for.

The problem is two-fold, as it is not only policy enforcement that the practice of laptop confiscation for the most part addressed, but now extends to the lack of location and contextual awareness of 4G and 5G mobile devices.

Sengex’s Wireless Intrusion Detection Solution (WIDS) and Mobile Device Detection (MDD) provided by  inpixonTM Indoor GPS system is the first and only security technology that can detect any mobile device in an enterprise, track its location, check for corporate policy compliance and provide immediate enforcement in accordance with enterprise security policy. Government organizations and global enterprises count on inpixonTM to empower mobile worker productivity and to protect their assets.

Watch a short video overview on our BitSafeTM WIDS/MDD – Mobile Device Detection Solution


Sengex’s WIDS/MDD continuously monitors mobile devices and determines capabilities according to the situation through a network of RF sensors that detect and locate cellular and Wi-Fi endpoints. The sensors locate cell and smart phones prior to or during an active call, and can simultaneously detect all 802.11 or Wi-Fi activity within an enterprise. The central console surveils movements and activities of these devices, sending alerts in real time while tracking those devices on a floor plan view.

The new era of BYOD and the advances in mobile technology has created a new dilemma for IT security organizations. They must implement solutions that not only can discover “hidden visitors” on their networks, but also allow for their controlled use understanding that employees and visitors may rely on these devices to conduct day to day business.  This requires a Wireless Threat Management solution that can be quickly and easily deployed, provide for both location and contextual awareness, and empower enterprise to establish dynamic policies to mitigate data loss and safety concerns. Sengex offers an affordable and scalable solution that enables organizations to securely take advantage of today’s mobile technologies.

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