Mobile Security Ecosystem


In today’s “Bring Your Own Device” world, cellphones, smartphones and handheld wireless devices have altered mobile productivity for both consumers and business professionals.

Efficient solutions for detection and control of their use within restricted government or military facilities,as a part of an organizations electronic information security policy has been limited.

The risks to homeland security and military operations require mobile security solutions that go beyond basic mobliehanddetection of their presence. Government and military organizations need platforms that provide a single, easy-to-use interface that addresses all aspects of mobile security from precise location and discovery to content, application and use controls.

However, today’s mobile security solutions are segmented based on the areas of mobile security they address such as detection, management, security, and risk assessment;  each having their own proprietary applications and associated systems that need to be managed and maintained separately resulting in complex and costly implementations.

Sengex’s Mobile Security Ecosystem solution is the industry’s first and only unified WiFi and cellular monitoring and management platform that gives users complete end-to-end control of mobile devices within their facilities.

Sengex’s Mobile Security Ecosystem instantly creates a centralized mobile security control center through the collaboration and integration of industry leading providers of mobile security solutions.  Sengex’s Mobile Security Ecosystem enables government and military operations to meet their Information technologies and physical security policies for mobile devices under a homogeneous platform.

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