Overview Videos of Some of Sengex’s Solutions
BitSafeTM MDD Mobile Device Detection Secure and Accountable Unified Messaging
DroneTracker platform detects and repels drones automatically Do you think prisons are safe? DroneTracker can eliminate the threat.
Patriot One – Concealed Weapons Detection
Revolutionizing Public Safety in a World Where Security is the Target.

Whitepapers and Collateral

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Overview of Sengex Solutions
and Servicessengexoverview
BitSafeTM MDD Mobile Device Detection Overviewhealthwp “Protecting the Castle from the Hidden Visitor”
Mobile Device Management Whitepaperprotectwp
Sengex Healthcare IT Capabilities
Overview healthwp
Mobile Device Detection Application
Brief healthwp
BitSafe Sentry
Wireless Detection Managed Servicesentrypic
 Mobile Security Ecosystem Brief  Government Agency MDD Use Case  Location-Based Detection and Control
Technical Brief
ecopic usecasepic whitepaper
 Secure Unified Messaging Brief  Dedrone DroneTracker Flyer  Drone Threats
usecasepic flyer dedronerising
Suffolk Prison Case Study  PATSCAN-CMR Datasheet

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