Secure and Accountable Unified Messaging

Highly secure mobile collaboration that is instant and accountable

With the continued adoption of “Bring Your Own Device” BYOD in today’s world, the use of mobile devices within organizations as a tool to collaborate between coworkers has become a common practice. The ability to text, conference call, and file share/distribution can result in increased operational and communications efficiency inside and outside the office walls.

However, the use of industry standard messaging systems within organizations where the security of conversations and information sharing is critical to protecting classified information requires solutions that are segmented from commercial messaging applications and public communications networks.

Lua is a secure mobile messaging application designed for organizations and agencies to provide a secure, accountable, and more efficient cross-platform solution. Lua users can securely message, share files, initiate instant group calls, and create topic-based/action-oriented groups via mobile phones to streamline communication and better coordinate on-the-go.

Lua secures and enhances both internal and inter-agency communication to drive interoperability. Lua is HIPAA and FINRA compliant. The Lua analytics dashboard leverages communication intelligence to aide with after-action reporting and help resolve subjective communication scenarios that impact mission outcomes.

Lua provides high-security conscious organizations such as government, financial, and healthcare a secure, segmented, instant and accountable platform that fosters enhanced workforce collaboration without risk to internal and external security and regulations.

The Lua secure mobile messaging solution enables:

  • Communication with all other team members instantly through messaging or conference calling
  • Users to reach the right individuals and groups at one touch through a highly-detailed personnel directory
  • Users to get the answers and assurance they need in time-sensitive situations by requesting direct confirmation on messages sent
  • Secure file sharing without risk of loss if device is lost or stolen

In addition, Lua’s Insights empowers administrators and managers with a tool to monitor, track, and analyze who, what, and when individuals and groups interact as a means to promote a stronger culture of awareness and responsiveness to reduce missed information.

Security at all levels

Lua adhere to the highest industry standards for security at every level that includes protection at the application , platform and facilities levels.

Protection at the application level

  • Data is segmented at Network level and unavailable to users who have not been explicitly authorized to a Network.
  • Each device used to access a user account is associated with that account.
  • Upon logging out, all data is removed from the client device.
  • Users can be invalidated remotely, removing all data from the client device.
  • Administrators can revoke access to individual users, instantly removing all data from the client device.
  • Department and Group-level permissions allow users to be removed from conversations and files, instantly.

Protection at the platform level

  • All connections are TLS encrypted.
  • A service oriented architecture allowing for isolation of components and compartmentalize permissions between them.
  • Regularly audited code base for discovery of common security vulnerabilities according to the Open Web Applications Security Project.
  • Regularly performed penetration testing so that new vulnerabilities are assessed as they are discovered.
  • Security updates for 3rd party components are performed within 24 hours of availability.

Protection at the facilities level

  • State of the art physical security data centers. ISO 27001 certified as those trusted by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and NGOs.
  • Multiple Availability Zones for physical redundancy, mitigating the impact of network outages and natural disasters.
  • Continued incorporation of new physical security measures as they become available.

Watch a short video overview of the Lua secure messaging solution

Get Insights to How Your Teams Interact

Lua Insights ensures critical communication is actually getting through. Insights enables administrators and managers to see how often their staff is reading their messages as a whole, and review individual leaderboards that tell you who’s on top of their messaging.


Insights concentration heat maps show when messaging is most active: by day, by hour, over time, thus allowing administrators and managers the ability to spot peaks and lulls. identifying silos and unread communications, and make dynamic and intelligent staffing decisions across your organization.

Your conversations should stay within the organization. Lua is the only solutions that addresses the needs across all aspects of high-security organizations by ensuring segmented and secure cross-departmental interaction between teams, while in parallel raising team efficiency through communication analytics.

Combining Lua with other mobile security solutions provided by Sengex can enable organizations to achieve a homogenous solution for ensuring the protection of classified data between and across both authorized and unauthorized entities.

To learn more about Lua, contact us at, or call our office to speak with a Lua integration expert at: 703-722-6097.

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