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Threats to national security and human life can come in many forms and much of the time they can be identified and mitigated with the right technologies. Most Security Operations lack the expertise to research and find the right solutions that meet their policies and requirements, let alone the limited resources and knowledge to efficiently and economically integrate these technologies into their day-to-day operations. This is where Sengex’s THREAT services can help.

What is THREAT?

Sengex’s THREAT (Threat Reduction Engineering and Assessment Team) is a results-oriented team of professionals that uses processes specifically designed to delivery the best solution to achieve early-warning threat detection and protection:

  • Clearly identifying and understanding client needs and develop or tailoring available solution to meet those needs
  • Identifying solutions that not only address a need or problem, but also achieves optimu efficiency in ongoing operation
  • Selecting the right technologies and practices that address clients requirements from both a security and business need perspective
  • Provide turnkey engagement for install and validation of solution via our “Proof of Concept” process all the way until system deployment and ongoing support
  • Engage clients at all levels to ensure the overall effectiveness of the solutions across all entities associated with the need upon implementation.
  • Achieve maximum efficiency to overall security practices through integration of solutions, or multiple technologies into existing security operations.

The Sengex team has 120+ years of combined experience in understanding and implementing threat security technologies into established security operations, that minimize disruption, enhance capabilities and seamlessly become part of daily operations against both physical and cyber threats.
Sengex Integration Services

Sengex provides complete threat discovery and analysis integration services from concept to ongoing support that ensures our customers are meeting and exceeding the expectations from their security solutions.

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