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Wireless Intrusion Detection

The capabilities of cellphones, smartphones and handheld wireless devices have made mobile wireless a “source” of cyber threats and have drastically altered how government entities implement policies to protect sensitive information and corporations protect intellectual property

The use of entryway scanners had been considered an adequate solution for mobile device discovery with the assumption that the detection at entry points of a facility will eliminate the risk of these devices entering restricted areas. However,powering off devices, or temporarily removing the battery can make them undetectable by the scanners.

When examining available Wireless Intrusion Detection solutions (WIDS), security personnel must ensure that a selected
solution covers the fullspectrum of wireless frequencies used in commercial compact devices (cell, WiFi, and Bluetooth). That the solution can can provide information to the physical location of the wireless source to allow security personnel to quickly detect and identify its locale, and third,  be easy to operate, and provide the ability to be centrally managed so that large dispersed “nowireless” areas such as campuses can be monitored under a single plane of glass.

Sengex’s Wireless Intrusion Detection Solution

Inpixon IPA is the only full-spectrum location-based Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) on the market that provides a complete homogeneous view of the protect environment.

Inpixon IPA continuously monitors for all wireless devices and determines capabilities according to the situation through a network of RF sensors that detect and locate cellular and Wi-Fi endpoints. The sensors locate cell and smart phones prior to or during an active call, and can simultaneously detect all 802.11x and Bluetooth activity within an enterprise.

The sensors send detection information to a central console that displays type and location of the mobile devices on a browser-based floor plan view. The system can also send alerts in real time via email, text, and audible notification.

Inpixon IPA Dashboard

IPA WiFi Detection

IPA secures any site with precise indoor positioning and wide spectrum RF detection to enhance situational awareness within your buildings by detecting wireless devices and their movements. IPA gives visibility into your facilities and a robust wireless intrusion detection solution in a single, live security dashboard, allowing customers to make key decisions around security, risk mitigation and public safety, at scale.


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The new era of BYOD and the advances in mobile technology has created a new dilemma for IT security organizations. They must implement solutions that not only can discover “hidden visitors” on their networks, but also allow for their controlled use understanding that employees and visitors may rely on these devices to conduct day to day business. This requires a Wireless Threat Management solution that can be quickly and easily deployed, provide for both location and contextual awareness, and empower enterprise to establish dynamic policies to mitigate data loss and safety concerns. Sengex offers an affordable and scaleable solution that enables organizations to securely take advantage of today’s mobile technologies.

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